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tv   [untitled]    August 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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chiu: with those amendments in the document, i understand we will receive the underlying document under this resolution. with that, can we move forward with the resolution to be adopted with the amended reports? why don't we -- i think we need to take a roll-call. >> on item 34 -- [roll-call] there are 11 avalos -- there are 11 ayes. president chiu: the resolution
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is adopted pureed white only move to item no. 37 -- item number 47. >> item number 47 was considered a regular meeting on thursday, july 28th and was forwarded as a committee report. irresolution responding to the presiding judge of the superior court on the findings and recommendations contained in the 2010-11 report entitled the partners said division, government by developer. president chiu: roll-call vote. >> [roll-call]
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are9 ates and 2 nos. items #48 and 49 were for it as committee reports. item number 48 declares the intention of the board of supervisors to establish a property-based business improvement district to be known as the west portal community but the district and levy a multi- your assessment on identified parcels in the district of proving the boundaries map and approving the notice and ordering and setting a time of -- time and place for the public hearing. president chiu: roll-call vote. >> [roll-call]
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there are 11 ayes. president chiu: this motion is adopted. >> item number 49, promoting [reading names close bracket -- reading names] president chiu: this item is approved. >> item 50, determining the issuance of a tight 42 on sale here and wine license for the expansion of the city beer store into the education office space located at 1168 folsom st. will serve the public convenience. president chiu: same house, same call. this item is adopted. >> item 51, determining the on
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sale occur license to 1423 poultry will serve the public convenience. president chiu: same house, same call. this house is adopted. >> item 52, authorizing the part of public health to submit a one-your application for 2012 to continue to stop receive funding for the comprehensive hiv prevention programs grant from the center for disease control and prevention. president chiu: same house, same call. this resolution is adopted. supervisor avalos: i would like to rescind the vote on item number 47. president chiu: is there a second? can we do that without objection? a vote on item 47 has been rescinded. of roll call vote on item number 47.
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>> [roll-call] item number 47. 7 areayes and 4 nos. president chiu: the motion has been adopted and supervisor mirkarimi has made another motion to rescind. the vote has been rescinded. roll call vote. >> [roll-call]
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it's hard to hear when you don't use your microphone. [roll-call] are6 ayes and 5 nos. president chiu: the resolution is adopted and it's a good thing it's almost time for recess. >> supervisor avalos. supervisor avalos: thank you.
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a couple of items for introduction. one is an item for the america's cup program. under the america's cup agreement, there is supposed to be the america's cup workforce implementation program and that is supposed to be done concurrently with the environmental review, i'm worried might be behind, so i want to have a hearing early september to make sure we are on track as a city in developing the work force planned trade there are numerous job opportunities in construction and the jobs related to the offense for america's cup and we should be doing everything we can to make sure we have as robust a workforce development plan to hire local san france -- to hire local san franciscans. i also have my next item, a request for legislation to be drafted, related to the access
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for bicycles in commercial buildings and existing commercial buildings in downtown san francisco. i have had about four different bikes in my lifetime. three of them were stolen from me. i have had the current one for 10 years and i have been very safe with my bike to prevent theft. but one of the ways we can ensure our bikes are safe from theft is to be able to bring them into our building so that when i'd bring them in, we use the city hall locker room to be able to store our bikes. for many, there is not like access and we want to be able to provide that access in the future for cyclists in san francisco. legislation will be asking the city attorney to draft a plan modeled after the one that exists in new york city that would either require commercial buildings to provide space, locker rooms for cycles, or to
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allow workers to bring bicycles into the building. while this is being drafted by the city attorney, i intend to be working with bike advocates as well as the building owners and managers association and related unions that do work to make sure we have a plan that can move forward and be successful to ensure we can create better safety from theft for bicycles in san francisco. lastly, it is that time of year. to celebrate the excelsior district native son, jerry garcia, what a long, strange trip and has been. it will be this coming sunday, it is almost the 10th anniversary of jerry day. every day, there are more and more people and i fear in the future we will not be able to hold jerry day in the jerry garcia amphitheater. for this year, it will be in the
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jerry garcia and the theater, starting at 12 noon this sunday, august 7th. there will be several bands and this is an amazing event, attracting people from all over the bay area. i want to recommend colleagues that you attend and will be a lot of fun. wait until you see what is going on. that is all my items for introduction. >> thank you. supervisor mar: to pick up on a supervisor avalos'point about bicycle theft, on my first day of high school, many, many years ago, i had my bike stolen. my daughter starts middle school in two weeks and i want her to be writing to school as well. but your introduction of this item is really important. i'm going to be continuing to work with a safe route to
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school and the san francisco unified school district to make sure our children feel safe to bike to school as well. incidentally, i attended a great work shot by the san francisco bicycle coalition. i really excellent instructor on bicycle safety and how to protect bicycles from getting stolen. the bicycle coalition and other resources are great resources we could use to make sure we can bikes safely in our communities and make sure we don't have been stolen as well. besides jerry day coming up in two weeks, we have the san francisco golden gate park. a number of the meadows and i can't wait to see phish, john fogarty, some of the awesome bands, so many different bands will be performing and i should say another planet entertainment promoters have been awesome to work with and they have a model
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of leading golden gate park even better than when they set up. they are modeled that rec and park is looking at to make the park better than when the events come in. hopefully there will be tremendous bicycle parking and use of alternative transportation and people around the richmond, sunset have any difficulties, there is a hot line they can call to report called -- to report cars parked in driveways. if there is a problem with noise, there is a simple to call a hot line. lastly, i have been working on the issue of good jobs and green jobs and job equity over the past two years with a coalition of labor community-based organizations and advocates. one of the charges we face is some of our initiatives have gone into uncharted territory and which trade unions will perform the jobs and which ones
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will perform the jobs we create as we build a new, green economy in san francisco. we have experienced this on the sunset reservoir solar district. while we were able to meet the community hiring goals on the project, largely with a strong community and labor advocacy, it has been more than a year since we approved any new municipal solar projects. our plans to put solar panels on symphony hall have been on hold, unfortunately, and this is the most significant projects to be impacted by the question of who will perform the green jobs for our city. last week, the board of supervisors received a key letter signed by over 20 environmental justice and community work force groups requesting a hearing to help guide green job creation -- each of our partners and labour and i will be helpfully -- i will hopefully be sponsoring a hearing. i'm introducing an ordinance that would allow the city to
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craft its own policy with respect to green jobs and other jobs created for which the state has not yet weighed in with complete labor standards and wage rates. the ordinance is designed to give guidance to the office of labor standards enforcement as to how we should proceed on these projects when the state has not set guidelines for when the state has suggested certain types of work are multi-craft. i hope we can hear from the city and from advocates about how we can use this new framework to install solar panels again and guide the energy-efficient work in a way to protect workers' standards on public-works while creating more jobs overall for our communities and partners in labor. thank you. the rest will submit. supervisor cohen: good afternoon, colleagues. early this morning, the city
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attorney and i hosted a press conference announcing legislation that i will be introducing with the support of several of you related to regulating false advertising by crisis pregnancy centers. the intent of this legislation is to prevent them from purposefully and knowingly making false or misleading statements about the pregnancy- related services they provide to the public. the focus of this legislation is on protecting the consumers rights of those seeking pregnancy-related services. as is the case with commercial advertisements, potential clients of crisis pregnancy centers have the right not to be misled by providers of pregnancy-related services. as a city, we have the duty to protect our most vulnerable residents of our community which this legislation seeks to do. in working with the city
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attorney's office, i believe we crafted legislation that is awful, -- that is a thoughtful, and balances the free speech right of every citizen both pro- life and pro-choice, with the constitutionality protected reproductive rights of women. i just want to make sure that we are clear that this is a piece of legislation that will not tread on anybody's first amendment rights. it is not in favor of pro-life or pro-choice. it is simply to protect the consumer. the rest i said net. -- the rest i submit to. supervisor kim: i think is really important to protect the choices of our women and this will move our city toward that. i am proud to co-sponsor this
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ordinance. two things today -- as many of you already know, august 8th is recognized as burma day. august 8th, a marked anniversary of the bloody uprising when students were shot down by the military regime by peacefully demonstrating. the burmese democratic alliance has been actively advocating for democracy in human-rights for the last 10 years. i would like to run relies lost in the democratic struggle in burma to -- and to share a solidarity with political activists to continue to support the cause despite political repression. there is also a call for a commission of inquiry into the war crimes and crimes against humanity by the burmese regime. many of us know the background of this, but the burmese
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american democratic club wanted us to share this. burma has been under military dictatorships since 1962. in 1988, the people rose up to demand democracy nationwide. the military regime brutally crushed the uprising by firing at unarmed students and demonstrators. in 1990, the regime held an election in which the night -- a national league for democracy won a victory defeating the back party. however, the regime never relinquished power. instead, they placed her under house arrest and terrorized her supporters. there are more than 2000 political prisoners in burma and the united states officially recognizes them as their legitimate representative of the burmese people as determined by the election according to the freedom and democracy act of 2003. 16 countries including the
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united states have so far supported the call for a commission of inquiry on burma. i want to recognize that today. that will be on august 8th, next week. i also want to ask that we adjourn in the memory of the tenderloin activists today, darwin diaz. he died with his best friend and still made of the last 36 years, holding his hand at his bedside. he's a san francisco native and longtime community organizer and grassroots activists. "i hit the planet by way of san francisco in 1934 and then had to live in fresno until i was 21. he returned in the 1954 he became part of the early day pioneers who were out and lived in the castro long before it became the game back up, as he would say. -- before it became a thegay
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mecca. he took part in the anti-racist the struggles and the efforts for justice for people with mental illness. they were together blockade in the international hotel on the night of them mass eviction of our elderly mostly filipino and chinese tenants. both men formed the mission chapter of the national committee to overturn the decision defending affirmative action programs for women and minorities. darling was committed to the belief that housing is a human rights and in early -- in the early '80s, he became part of the tenderloin development coordination and served on the board of directors for many years. he lived in and houses his own and later in 1990, moved into his last home. he served on the san francisco
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mental health board for years, was executive director, and then chairman of the board, which provided social services for those with mental health issues, and for so many of the tenderloin poor and homeless residents. darwin look forward to see the tender line great -- to see the tenderloin grow, constantly renewed. he was also excited about the high speed rail and trams a terminal and to see his home town continue to dominate the coast in all of its glory, so i would just like to request that we adjourn our meeting on behalf of darwin. clerk: thank you, supervisor kim. supervisor chu? supervisor chu: i think we know
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how important is to support the small businesses in our communities. there is the work that we have been doing with regard to ada compliance, so we went to educate them on the compliance needs. tomorrow, wednesday, we are actually holding a public workshop for any businesses that are wanting to learn about ada compliance, which will help to keep lawsuits from coming down the line. this will be at the community room on 24th. at that workshop, we will sharron overview of the americans with disabilities act, compliance with ada, how to respond to lawsuits, what is available for construction with loans, and i do want to thank the san francisco bar association for their great help and cooperation in that effort. clerk: thank you, supervisor
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chu. supervisor farrell? supervisor farrell: we try to find ways to strengthen our film program. we have the program coming up for renewal, and i have already asked for an economic analysis on the program to make sure if it makes sense to extend it and continue to fund it, and we will report back to you the findings of that. today, introducing some amendments to the ordinance in the administrative code covering our film industry to do two things. 1, include reality shows as a category and shows that are included in the film rebate program. our office has gotten a number of requests from different reality shows wanted to film here in san francisco, but because they were not specifically covered in our film rebate program, they have been
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hesitant to come up. since this was introduced, there has been a big shift in the reality show industry, bringing much more jobs and much more money into our economy, so we want to make sure they are covered in this program. many are for small independent films, with less than a $500,000 budget, specifically codifying the fees for san francisco. right now, the filming fees are $300 per day for films across the city regardless of size, and we are seeking to reduce that four smaller independent films. this would be to $100 per day. the situation means that most of our independent filmmakers do not take up permits for our city, do not have insurance on our streets, and also do not aid in our planning process about street closures and so forth, and new york city has a permit fee of $300 for the whole
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production. new mexico, $25 per day. vancouver, $100 per day. it is a little bit of a competitive nature, but it will mean a lot to our independent film industry, and i want to make sure we show a signal to them that we value their participation here in san francisco and ask for your support in that, and a quick mention, today, across our country is national night out against crime, and i just want to send a special shout out to people, especially jim and sydney. -- cindy. we cannot be here because we are in meetings, but we wish you well. clerk: thank you, supervisor farrell. supervisor mirkarimi? supervisor mirkarimi: yes, it is national night out, and i look
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forward to being there with the hope of ensuring greater public safety. in light of that, i am submitting an ordinance to fortify the san francisco gun control laws. like many of you, actually florida and modified to hear just recently of a bullet passing through a woman's back in north beach, and the bullet was not intended for her at all. if that bullet had been a hollow point bullets, it would not have passed through her. she would have died. just recently, i had an 11-year- old girl in my district, where a bullet had passed by the house, again, not meant for her, in directly went into the house, and then it hit her with life- threatening injuries, and then luckily, she made it. earlier this year, we heard about the gun shot earlier this year. we heard about this story, i
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believe it was a 9-year-old who was in a playground and found a gun, a loaded in the play yard and was walking around with it until somebody had apprehended the weapon from the nine-year old, who just found it lying around. for now, these scenarios i do not believe are any part of anyone's belief here that we should just resign ourselves to believing that that is part of living in the inner city and living in a big city, but i believe that we should do everything we can to shore up our gun-control laws in san francisco, despite, i think, great challenges by gun advocates and the nra nationally, who have tested the merits of the second amendment nationally, where we have seen, where there has been, even the weighing in several years ago by the u.s. supreme court, where
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they weighed in on the decision where we see no gun advocates, gun rights advocates, who are now mounting deficits toward state and local law to unravel -- now mounting efforts toward state and local laws to unravel the local gun-control laws, so what i want to make sure that we do, in light of these trends, and seeing be rolling back of gun-control laws, at least provide some sort of a common- sense measure for the laws that should remain intact, so two separate laws, one which requires that handguns be kept in a locked container or disabled with a trigger lock, and one preventing the sales of the stub of ammunition in san francisco, the most common of which are hollow point bullets. it is obvious that with the heller decision compaq --
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decision, it is an individual right to possess a gun for self- defense. but now, with that particular modification, there are now challenges across the country of what gun-control laws mean, so i want to make sure that through findings that we are submitting today that we clarify the board of supervisors' intends, passed by the board of supervisors and by the voters, to reflect research and statistics and insure that the existing police code is fully enforceable. we have seen quite a few people killed or injured by bullets, by the use of handguns directly or indirectly in san francisco. that is on par with the trend that we are seeing throughout the bay area, and, of course, the state and nationwide.


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